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Creating an Effective Website

  • Written by  Brian McFarline
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Eight Pointers Regarding Creating an Effective Website

  1. Keep the Website simple and make sure it serves its purpose.
  2. Communication. Make sure there is effective communication to the user.
  3. I would recommend using Sans Serif Fonts such are Verdana and Arial which are much easier to read online. Use a maximum of three sizes.
  4. Make sure you use complimentary colours that go easy on the eye.
  5. Images - ensure your images are the minimum size for the quality required so that they are downloaded in the minimum time required.
  6. Navigation. Remember the old "Three Clicks Rule" - a user should "get what they want" in three clicks or less.
  7. Load Time - keep this to a minimum. This, of course, works along with 5. above but remember if the user doesn't download your site quickly they will get bored and move to a competitor.
  8. Last but very important. Make sure your website is RESPONSIVE. In other words it works just as well with desktops as tablets and mobile phones.