SEO Made Simple

  • Written by  Brian McFarline
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This is a simple guide to SEO simply covering Domain Name, Content and Links. Remember "Keep It Simple" This guide is based on "natural" or "organic" SEO - Pay Per Click etc. will be covered at a later date.

 Domain Name

A while back the idea was to select a domain name with as many key words packed into the domain name so for example if you owned a site which rented holiday cottages in Ireland you might go for "IrishCottageHolidayRental.com" ummmh is it simply and easy to remember - I don't think so. What I would recommend is keep your domain simple and easy to remember maybe use one or two key words but don't overdo it. Here is what I would recommend:

  1. Select a domain that is easy to remember – your domain name should be catchy, simple, short and easy to remember. 
  2. Makes Sense – you want your domain name to make sense, to reflect what it is you do.  So John the Plumber could be JohnPlumbing.com but there again I selected Digidooi.com as my domain - "Do What I Say not what I Do!"
  3. Go for a .COM – (unless you are going to restrict yourself to a particular country e.g. Ireland - .ie or United Kingdom - .co.uk. 
  4. Avoid hyphens if possible so JohnPlumbing.com not John-Plumbing.com.


Google™ promotes authority pages to the top of its rankings. So your job is quite simple to insure that your pages become authority pages.

This involves writing content which  people find useful. Good content will be shared in blogs, social media feeds etc., and over time Google™  will pick up your pages. So the process is quite straightforward - Write Great Content > Make Sure the Content is Easy to Share > Repeat the Process. Remember "Keep It Simple!"


Links are very important but here quality is much more important than quantity. Back in the day companies would offer you a large number of links for a small fee. This may have worked at one time but forget about it now you need quality links. Think about links working in conjunction with your content.

Understand that it is of the utmost importance to have fantastic content which will increase your chances of obtaining links from quality relevant pages. These are the links which are worth having.

Think of it in very simply "would you link your website to one with poor content?" So if your content is fantastic good sites may link to you. Your chances are slim to zero if you have poor quality content.

Content is King!