RSorosR RSorosR by Multiple Owners


This is a very simple website.

There are only three main sections:

  1. Art Gallery
  2. Biography 
  3. Contact

but it is very effective and very easy to update.

Art Gallery

There are eight images to each page. There can be as many pages as required.

Applying a mouse over the image will reveal summary information on the piece of art

Clicking on the image will reveal a larger image of the art and full information on the painting including method of cost, delivery cost and method of payment.

This is really the core of the website and it is easy to add and remove pieces of art. Items can also be temporarily unpublished (not appearing "live" on the website but not deleted.



Quite simply a photograph and biography of the artist

RSOROS.COM Biography


A simple contact form which can be used for any enquiries.

RSOROS.COM Contact Page